Peer Review Policy

INFOTECH Journal follows a rigorous peer-review process to ensure the quality and integrity of the articles we publish. Our peer review is designed to provide constructive feedback to authors and facilitate the publication of high-quality research.

Double-Blind Review

We use a double-blind peer-review process, which means that the identities of both the authors and the reviewers are kept confidential. This approach ensures unbiased evaluation and helps maintain the integrity of the review process.

Authors are requested to submit a blinded version of their manuscript with identifying information removed. Reviewers, in turn, provide feedback without knowing the identity of the authors.

Reviewer Expertise

Reviewers are carefully selected based on their expertise and knowledge in the relevant field. We strive to ensure that each submission is reviewed by experts who can provide valuable insights and feedback.

Peer-Review Criteria

Reviewers evaluate submissions based on various criteria, including originality, significance, methodology, clarity of presentation, and adherence to ethical guidelines. Feedback is provided to authors to help improve their work.

Publication Decision

After peer review, the editorial team makes a publication decision based on the reviewers' feedback and the overall quality of the submission. Authors will be informed of the decision, which could include acceptance, revisions, or rejection.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for INFOTECH Journal or have any questions about our peer-review process, please contact the editorial team at