Archiving Policy

INFOTECH Journal is committed to the long-term preservation and accessibility of the scholarly content we publish. To ensure the continued availability of our articles, we follow a comprehensive archiving policy.

PKP Preservation Network (PN)

We are proud to partner with the PKP Preservation Network (PN) to ensure the archiving and preservation of our published content. The PKP Preservation Network is a trusted digital preservation service that helps safeguard scholarly publications for future generations.

Our archiving process involves regular submission of our content to the PKP Preservation Network, which employs industry best practices to preserve the integrity and accessibility of our articles over time.

Accessibility and Openness

We believe that open access to scholarly knowledge should be maintained for the benefit of the global research community. Our archiving policy aligns with this principle, allowing researchers, academics, and the public to access and cite our published content well into the future.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about our archiving policy or need access to archived content, please contact the editorial team at We are committed to ensuring the ongoing availability of our scholarly publications.