Author Guidelines


The manuscript is typed one space in the program, MS-Word, 12 Times New Roman font with a distance of 4 cm left and 3 cm right, top and bottom edges. Typed on A4 size HVS paper, maximum 25 pages (including references to tables and figures).

Article structure

We have two typical law article at law Faculty of Majalenga Univertsity, they is :
a. The research article contains:
1. Title : Maximum of fifteen words, written in Indonesian or English depending on the language used to write the complete script.
2. Author's name; The author's name (without academic degree), email address, name of institution, and     country are written under the article title. When the script is written by a team, the editor only deals with first author, or correspondence author.
3. Abstract and keywords; Max about 250 words covering the essence of the whole writing, problem, objective, method, result/finding and conclusions. Do not quote in the abstract. The abstract must be standing alone without footnotes. Below the abstract are included three of five keywords.
4. Introduction, includes: problem background, problem formulation, research objectives and framework of thought)
5. Research methods;
6. Discussion;
7. Conclusions and suggestions; and
8. List of references / Bibliography.
b. The conceptual article contains:
1. Title;
2. Author's name;
3. Abstract and keywords;
4. Introduction section;
5. The core;
6. Conclusion and summary; and
7. Bibliography.