Manuscript File

  1. Manuscripts are written in English or Bahasa and use standard scientific usage.
  2. Manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word format, except for Graphs using Microsoft Excel program and Figures using JPEG or PDF format.
  3. Manuscripts should be typed using Times New Roman fonts at 12 points.
  4. All manuscripts should be typed single spaced include for Title, Tables, Title of Graphs/Figures, and appendix. Manuscripts are prepared in A4 paper, margins on all sides are 3 cm except right side is 2,5 cm, and total number of pages is 5-15.
  5. Tables, Graphs, and Figures should be placed after the References of the manuscript.
  6. Use page numbers and line numbers.
  7. Manuscripts content should be arranged as the following order: Title, Name of the author(s) and their institutions, Abstract, Abstrak, Introduction, Methods (for Socio-Economic), Materials and Methods (for non Socio-Economic), Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgment (if any), References.
  8. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically through online system: Submissions | Agrivet : Jurnal Ilmu-Ilmu Pertanian dan Peternakan (Journal of Agricultural Sciences and Veteriner) (

       Authors are able to submit electronic files to email: