Author Guidelines


General Requirements:

  1. The submitting manuscript has never been an opportunity in other print media.
  2. The manuscript is the result of research or study.
  3. The manuscript sent has relevance to the field of "mathematics and mathematics education".
  4. Scripts can write individuals, together or on behalf of the institution.
  5. The editor forever edits every incoming text.
  6. Every script given is not profitable.

Manuscript Writing Guide:

  1. Manuscripts are written in Indonesian or with good and true English rules, in accordance with Enhanced Spelling (EYD).
  2. The manuscript is written with the Antiqua Book typed in 1 space, in accordance with Maro; Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah dan Bisnis.
  3. Systematics in accordance with THEORMS Template (Original Mathematical Research)
  4. The length of the manuscript is 8-12 pages
  5. Every term in a foreign language, Italic.
  6. Each script that is deemed eligible to load will be reviewed by Reviewer Partners and / or the Editorial Board. Results from Bestari Partners and / or Editorial Board will be submitted to the authors as text improvement material. The improvement results can already be received by the Executing Editor no later than one week after the results are sent.
  7. The editor is not responsible for the content of the manuscript.
  8. The manuscript entered in this journal is the publisher's intense property rights.


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