Development of Android-Based Interactive PJOK Learning Media Basketball Game Material for Grade V Students Of SDN Bakalan Mojokerto Regency


  • Puguh Satya Hasmara STKIP PGRI Jombang



media, learning, interactive


Interactive Multimedia is a medium of delivering information in digital form containing text, graphics, video, animation and sound with the help of computers and the like so as to create active user responses. The pattern of teaching basketball material that is less attractive at SDN Bakalan and tends to use conventional methods and the lack of media used can reduce students' interest in learning. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to produce interactive multimedia products based on android PJOK learning basketball game material for grade V students. This research is R&D (Research And Development) research or can be called development research. This research is used to produce a product and test the effectiveness of the product. The subjects of this development research were grade V students from SDN Bakalan and SDN Centong totaling 53 students. This research instrument is in the form of questionnaires given to experts, namely media experts, learning experts, material experts and student opinion questionnaires. The analysis technique in this study uses quantitative descriptive analysis techniques with percentage score results. The results of this study showed that product validation by media experts obtained 70% results (good criteria) while material expert validation obtained 77.33% (good criteria) and learning expert validation obtained 82.06% ((very good criteria). In the trial results of small and large group students, the average percentage of pre-test was 59.15% (sufficient criteria) and post-test 82.95% (very good criteria) (where the results increased by 23.8%. Meanwhile, the results of the student opinion questionnaire (small and large groups) on the product obtained an average percentage of 82.15% (very interesting criteria) Thus, it can be concluded that interactive multimedia based on PJOK learning basketball game material for grade V students can be used as an alternative PJOK learning media for fifth grade (V) students. The researcher's advice for users, when using this product should still follow the instructions for use and also in the direction of teachers or parents.


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