• Raynesa Noor Emiliasari Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan, Universitas Majalengka
  • E. Kosmajadi Pasacasarjana Universitas Majalengka
Keywords: Mentoring;, Application, Marketing Management, Home Industry


Home Industry is a form of small company owned by the community individually. Its existence is very instrumental in empowering the community to have independence in the economic field. Home industries that are used as partners in community service activities are mothers who are members of the recitation Minhajul Karomah Cikadu Village, Situraja District,. During the pandemic Conid-19 experienced obstacles in maintaining the existence of its business due to difficulty in marketing. To solve this problem, the service team offers mentoring services on the implementation of marketing management. The method used by the Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRS) allows partners to actively participate in activities from problem identification to the end of the activity. The material presented in the mentoring activity is microeconomic theory and entrepreneurship, the nature of marketing, prerequisites for choosing a marketing strategy, SWOT analysis, and designing online marketing. The results of mentoring show that quantitatively theoretical absorption reaches 84.75%, qualitatively partners gain additional knowledge, understanding, insight and basic skills about online marketing, both through WhatsApp and through website creation. In conclusion, mentoring in the application of marketing management can increase partners' knowledge, understanding and insight in online marketing


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