About the Journal

General Information:

  • Open Access Policy: Journal of Sustainable Agribusiness implements a full open access policy, ensuring that all journal content is freely available to be accessed by anyone without subscription fees or access restrictions.

Focus and Scope:

  • Journal Focus: Journal of Sustainable Agribusiness focuses on the publication of research and scholarly reviews related to economic, management, sustainability, and innovation aspects in agribusiness.
  • Scope: This journal covers a variety of topics including, but not limited to, sustainable farm management, agribusiness policy, innovative agricultural technology, food supply chains, agricultural product marketing, and social and environmental aspects in agribusiness.


  • Copyright information for articles published in the Journal of Sustainable Agribusiness is governed according to the journal's policy and the contracts signed between authors and the publisher. This journal may allow authors to retain some or all copyright to their work.

Disclosure of Sponsors:

  • Journal of Sustainable Agribusiness openly discloses any sources of funding or support that may influence the research published in the journal. This is done to ensure transparency and integrity in the publication process.

Journal History:

  • Journal of Sustainable Agribusiness was established in response to the growing need for a publication platform dedicated to innovative research and thinking in the field of sustainable agribusiness. The journal has played a role in facilitating the exchange of knowledge and the latest updates in the field since its inception.

Privacy Statement:

  • This journal has a privacy statement that ensures the protection of personal data of readers, authors, and reviewers. Personal information provided to this journal is only used for purposes relevant to the editorial process and will not be shared with third parties without appropriate permission.