Title: written briefly, densely, up to 14 words, and should reflect the customs and excise substance outlined in the article body. Author's Name: written without a title, located under the title; Articles derived from group research, all members must be listed in the same order.

Author Agencies and Addresses: Write down the name of the institution from which the author originated and the e-mail address located under the author's name; If the author is more than one, use the e-mail address of the first author.

Abstract: written in two languages, Indonesian and English, a paragraph that is between 200-250 words long. The Abstract consists of purpose, method, and result.

Keywords: filled with words or terms that reflect the essence of the concept within the scope of the problem, consisting of several words/terms and are mentioned in the title/abstract. The keywords are written underneath the abstract with a single line spacing and are in bold-bold. Body Boundaries Articles: Articles consist of introductory backgrounds and/or reviews of recent literature (maximum 20%), methods (15%), results and discussion (60%), and conclusions (5%). The discussion should be supplemented by references from references / primary sources and current ones.

Acknowledgements: addressed to the various parties who helped write, such as research sponsors and resource persons.

References: cultivated most of the latest primary sources (journals) (10 years) and only include the designated resources in the article body. Instead, the names referenced in the body should be in the bibliography. The bibliography does not contain the author's own work. The references are written based on APA citations.

Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

    Manuscripts have never been posted or published in publications elsewhere, whether print or electronic.

    The topic of the manuscript should be in accordance with the scope or aim and scope of Journal Bio Paedagogie, which is the science of documentation, information, and the library.

    The abstract manuscript is written in two languages (Indonesian and English)

    Number of Keywords or keyword script written at least two and a maximum of five keywords.

    The manuscript is written and compiled according to the Bio Pedagogie Journal script template.

    Number of pages of manuscripts between 8-12 pages.

    Sources of citations or bibliography of at least 10 titles of scientific literature (80% primary reference sources and 20% secondary reference sources Primary reference consists of journals, proceedings/papers, research reports, thesis, dissertations, secondary references, And internet resources